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Official OMARC Echolink


Effective today, December 3rd 2017, OMARC has moved the "Receive Only" Echolink node from K2GOG-R to WA2MJM-R to reflect that this is an official club resource that all amateurs may now use, OMARC members or not. Key features of the system, along with the call sign change include:

  • Reception all three OMARC repeaters via one node. The 146.805, 147.255 and 147.745 repeaters can be heard via the WA2MJM-R Echolink connection. One at a time, but our repeaters are not all always busy at the same time so not a big issue.

  • Experimental simplex reception from 28MHz to 1.2 GHz is now possible for all the official FM calling frequencies

  • Experimental National Weather Service Hazardous Weather Alerts are accessible via WA2MJM-R and limited to Ulster, Dutchess, Orange and Putnam County. During bad weather, WXL37 162.475 MHz automatically patches in to the WA2MJM-R node and then reverts back after the alert is over.

This tool will allow the entire global amateur community to listen in to our repeaters and also monitor local simplex activity near a major transportation conduit in our area known as the Rhinecliff-Kingston Bridge along with local hazardous weather.

Please look for WA2MJM-R as a node to connect to on Echolink.

K2GOG-R will be converting to K2GOG-L which will allow limited two way access to our repeaters and will be discussed at our next OMARC meeting regarding a schedule for that.

The OMARC repeater committee is busy on many other projects to serve our membership and we appreciate your support and use of these resources, so please give WA2MJM-R a try.

Tonight (Sunday) is the OMARC New Ham Net which may be a good opportunity to listen in at 9:00 PM local time if you are normally out of range of our 146.805 Repeater.

Tuesday is the Farmers & Gardeners Net at 9:30 PM on 146.805 Repeater

Thursday evening is the rebooted "Rag Net" on 146.805 Repeater and will leave it up to you when to listen in for that.

Steve K2GOG


  • Steve and all others involved...this is quite an accomplishment.
    I look forward to trying it out and listening for others who call in.

  • edited December 2017

    By the way, the US FM Calling frequencies included in the Simplex monitor feature include:

    • 29.600 MHz
    • 52.525 MHz
    • 146.520 MHz
    • 223.500 MHz
    • 446.000 MHz
    • 927.500 MHz
    • 1294.500 MHz

    If you transmit on any of those frequencies and hear yourself "echo" back via Echolink, please log the time and day you tried it. This will work in the vicinity of the Rhinecliff-Kingston Bridge only.

    The first few people (OMARC member or not) to complete that on any 3 frequencies, will receive a prize at an upcoming in person OMARC meeting. The OMARC Repeater Committee has a way to validate through built in logging tools who is successful and who is not.

    Message me at to submit your log for checking

    Prize options to select from will include:

    • USB GPS
    • HF Portable Antenna Tuner Kit
    • One year of OMARC membership

    Extra bonus prize if you can complete the test on 6 of the 7 frequencies.

    Seems like a good challenge to me. Lets see who can do it first!

    Steve K2GOG (I am excluded from this contest as I have many unfair advantages)

  • edited December 2017

    Hi Steve, I signed into WA2MJM-R on Echolink at 4pm...and was able to hear my tx's on all three repeaters...
    Seems to be working just fine.

    I don't understand the 'Simplex Monitor Feature'...a little help on this when you get a chance.

    At 5:10 pm attempted to sign in again however got a 'Connect Failed' 'Cannot connect to WA2MJM-R Timed out' notice.

    Experimented with two other Hudson Valley nodes: KC2DHU-L and N2KI-L, and connected with each almost instantly...tried WA2MJR-again after connecting to them and still 'Connect Failed' notice.

  • edited December 2017

    This is SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET... Great job.. I love it.. Now we just need to talk about TX.. I think that we should also talk about incorporating this into the website instead of dropbox.. We will have to talk..

    Paul, as to the simplex.. There are "simplex" calling frequencies designated for people who are let's say, traveling as an example, and want to be able to call and talk to someone without programming a repeater in. You might not know the repeater frequencies and PLs when driving.. So the universal "one frequency/No split as a repeater would have) frequencies were set up for the bands.. So as hams, it is a good idea to program these in and monitor them..

  • Thanks Aaron, I understand what the Simplex frequencies question is how they interact, if at all, with Echolink and/or the three repeaters.
    Take care.

  • Paul, when you go to talk on the repeater, the receiver I have set up is listening to the output of the repeater, such as 146.805 so you can listen in via Echolink.

    Additionally, the same thing happens for 146.745 and 147.255.

    I have also added the calling frequencies, so if you leave Echolink running on your smartphone or computer, you "may" hear other activity not on the 3 OMARC repeaters.

    This is like having a streaming audio scanner connected via Echolink essentially. Matter of fact, that is just what it is.

    All that, plus audible weather alerts when issued will create a pretty good set of reasons to remain connected to Echolink for as long as you wish.


    Lets say, you took your MPET or any other radio and transmitted on 146.52, you will hear yourself via this Echolink "receive only" node. Only if you are near Rhinebeck or Kingston near the water.

    I know you are interested if when you press the "transmit" button on your smartphone Echolink app if your audio will magically come out over a repeater. It will not with this "receive only" node.

    But, if we get enough people logging in to listen via Echolink, perhaps we may have some two way nodes you can access when you travel for example in the future that can be used.

    Hope this helps some..
  • Ah. thanks I understand.
    Interesting and sounds like fun.

    During the day I scan all three repeaters on my radio.

    Will I also hear the 'other frequencies' on my rig...or only if I use echo link?

  • Not having much luck connecting via echolink. Today the err is: "Connect failed: Cannot connect to WA2MJM-R - Timed out". Yesterday the err was I think "busy" (don't remember the full msg). This is via iPad (iOS 10.3.3) echolink app v2.2 build 2.2.8 -d

  • Echolink had a server issue yesterday. I see you are on now though. How is the audio via the ipad?
  • Yes good now. The content is low but the signal is high.

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