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10m, 6m and our Echolink Node

So, the "FM Simplex" monitor function tied in to the "receive only" WA2MJM-R Echolink node seems to be working pretty good.

I took a scan through some past system logs and there are some interesting notes to highlight especially on the FM 10m calling frequency 29.600 MHz and the 6m FM calling frequency of 52.525 MHz to name just a few.....

Sporadic E Propagation is probably to blame. THAT IS A GOOD THING!

Recent Band Openings from NY to VA on 10m

As a reminder, the antenna connected to the radio feeding the Echolink node is far from optimal. It is an active wide band gain antenna about 3ft long up in my attic in Rhinebeck.

On a few occasions this past month, with the most recent one being on December 23rd 2017, a station in Virginia was calling CQ on 29.600 MHz. With his permission, I have attached a few brief audio recordings of his transmissions that were heard by our Echolink node's receiver.

29.600 MHz recording of KM4GBM

Nelson, KM4GBM says he was using a Kenwood TS-2000 running 100 watts into a High Gain Jr. 20/15/10 3 element beam which was picked up by the WA2MJM-R receiver. He also mentioned via email "contact made on the KQ2H 29.620 MHz repeater and into Canada directly elsewhere on 10m using FM. Sunday (12/24/2017) was good from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM on 10m also."

@AC2UQ , @K2UNI , @AC2MT , @AD2SH: Who will be the first in OMARC to make a two way 10m contact with Nelson?

This is pretty interesting on 6m

At first, I thought a 6m FM contact logged on 52.525 MHz was never going to happen. What would you say about picking up someone who has an expired license? The station received (CALLSIGN WITHHELD) is based in Liverpool, NY according to and on the FCC ULS page. Transmissions were logged December 16th 2017 at approximately 11:30 PM.

He lapsed in 2014 and he certainly should get this fixed, especially if he is active on the "magic band" and who knows where else. Pending I can get in touch with him, I may post an updated recording when he is legally able to transmit again.

I will share a recording in person with interested parties at the next OMARC meeting in case anyone may know the station operator or has a reason to be in Liverpool, NY any time soon.

@K2KME , @N2MCI : You guys might want to give 6m a try and post your success somewhere on the OMARC Forum.


A few voice contacts on 146.52 MHz were picked up as well as a few "false triggers" on 927.500 MHz, which may be from utility meters, pagers or something else non-audio related in the shared 33CM band with just a cursory glance at the logs for the past two weeks before I erase them.

The more you listen to Echolink, you never know what you might hear, so be sure to give a listen.

ON THAT AIR TIP: The ARRL Grid Chaser Contest starts January 1st and runs through all of 2018. Out WA2MJM-R node may be very useful in knowing when a few bands are open, especially on 10m and 6m.

REMINDER: OMARC Winter Field Day is fast approaching. Here is more OMARC only member details for those interested in participating.

High HF Band Activity
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