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Silent Key KB2BQB (Les Cagle) remaining ham gear for sale

My friend's Dad (Les) died in January. His wife and family have no interest in the hobby and are trying to liquidate his remaining gear. I am attaching a list of all the stuff and the cost paid for it. Please make reasonable offers directly to Don (W1SWM) if you are interested so the gear goes somewhere where it is appreciated and his family can move on.

Here is the list:

KD2BQB Ham Radio Equipment

Bencher BY-1 black base iambic paddle $171.95

Yaesu FT-1900R 2-meter FM Transeiver $150.00
KY-180W-12L power supply $16.00

2-meter mobile antenna $25.00

Baofeng UV-5R dual band handheld $25.00

MFJ 9340K QRP Cub transeiver - 40 meters $99.95

MFJ 557 practice Keyer $39.95

KRIS coax switch $9.99

ARRL Handbook 2009 $59.95

ARRL Repeater Directory 200902010 $38.49

Contact me via email for Don's contact info
Thank you

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