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"805" Archive Access: OMARC Nets

OMARC will be archiving its evening nets from the 146.805 MHz repeater and providing them as playback as an MP3 download as part of the net summary found in the respective net landing page.

Current nets include:

* Ulster County "Rag" Net
* Farmers & Gardeners Net

If there is no summary of the net found on the forum, there will be no recording of it posted.

Recordings will be posted within 24 hours following the end of the net.

Archived Nets
  1. How likley are you to go back and listen to a past net?4 votes
    1. 1 - Very Likely
    2. 2 - Somewhat Likely
    3. 3 - Probably
    4. 4 - Not Sure
    5. 5 - No. I will not go back to listen


  • Still looking for votes....

    Magic number is 11 to start an archive for past nets.

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