The Overlook Mountain Amateur Radio Club (OMARC) is proud to host the The All things Natural net on our 146.805 repeater.


A wide range of topics are discussed each week with the net moderated by CJ, KD2IIN, an avid farmer, gardener and environmentalist.  Starting in 2020, The scope of the formerly Hudson Valley Farmer's and Gardener's net has been broadened. We will still have an emphasis on soil and plant health, regenerative farming, plant, animal and human nutrition and environmental impacts, but the net's topic will not be limited to that scope. The aforementioned topics touch on every part of our everyday lives so we can no longer ingore this fact. In keeping with that, broadening the scope allows the discussion to include more participants and consequently have a greater impact. The purpose of this net is to breed an environment where good information and communication is shared and all parties gain some knowledge or insight. 


Please join us every Sunday evening at 9:00 PM local New York time on the OMARC 146.805 (-600 khz PL tone 103.5) repeater. All are welcome to participate or just listen in.


See what we've discussed and follow along here in the Farmers & Gardeners Net Forum  


See previous recorded nets here:
Previously Recorded Nets On TFSN Youtube Channel




The Thursday Night "Rag" Net has been re-instated and runs every Thursday evening at 8 PM New York time. This net is run by Dave, K2JLV and is a general discussion net for everyone. Sometimes Dave brings topics to the net, sometimes participants bring topics to the net but it is always an excellent discussion and learning opportunity. If you have something you want to ask about or talk about, The Thursday "Rag" net is a great place to ask questions, open a discussion, or just generally have a nice chat with people from all walks of life. We hope you will join us in the fun on the OMARC 146.805 (-600.00hz PL 103.5) Repeater.

The Overlook Mountain Amateur Radio Club (OMARC) strives to be a leading steward in promoting the future of amateur radio.